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Materials Recovery Facility

Introduction to Materials Recovery Facility

Megamak team provides municipalities with solutions for the separation of household waste, engineering, machine plant production solutions, and we design a specific installation station for each municipality's needs and provide after-sales service.

Materials recovery facility (MRF), also known as or materials recycling facility,  The main function of the MRF is to maximize the quantity of recyclables processed, Mixed recyclables materials needs to go through a process of equipment and manual labour to separate the right materials and thus increase the quality of the recyclables.

Materials Recovery Facility
Garbage Separation Process

Technical details such as installation and maintenance of the garbage separation process are supervised by our expert team. Recycling plant installation is designed to provide maximum efficiency.

Mechanical Solid Separation Plant

As the MEGAMAK family, we manufacture recycling machines and facilities to provide and develop the recycling business.
In the MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) separation facility, the material / waste fully recyclable materials are especially separated. In addition, organic solid waste can be separated and converted into energy by various methods and can be used as RDF (waste full moxibustion) material.

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Packaging Waste Separation Plant

The main function of MRF is to maximize the amount of recyclables processed.
Mixed recyclable materials must go through an equipment and manual process to separate the right materials and thus improve the quality of recyclable products.
MEGAMAK team provides aftersales services in different capacities for the design, production, installation and MRF station.


Paper and Plastic Baling Plant

Today, recycling is a rapidly developing sector. New companies in this sector are being developed every day. If you are making an investment or if you are planning to be a new entrepreneur in this sector, you will definitely be lucrative. Our experience in this sector and our machine manufacturing capacity with various functions will contribute and assist your initiative. Automatic presses, balers, grinders, conveyors produced with a special and new technology focus will provide you with support in the industry success and profit.
Cardboard Shredding Machines, Conveyors, Paper Baling Presses are the main products for establishing paper recycling facilities. In this way, cardboard, archival expired official document invoice, document, book can solve the difficult and difficult paper recycling problem, PET products such as plastic bottles, car bumper and even waste plastic drums by using conveyor, pet perforator and Bale press machine. By reducing 85 volumes, you can ensure that these products, which have become pressable waste, are used again, trade and development.

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